Gibbs Management Services

Gibbs Management Services provides consulting that is specialized in Health Care and Institutional Foodservice Operations. We can help you increase quality, improve your efficiencies, and save you an incredible amount of cost savings in your foodservice budget. For those facilities in southeastern NC, we do offer all inclusive contract catering. We can consult and train you on how to create a better foodservice program that better fits the requirements of the company and the needs of the cliental.
What We Do:
Foodservice Management:

1. Analytics: We will analyze your cost of goods, labor cost, workers compensation, and utility cost to show you cost savings with contract versus self-managed. If you were to take a contract approach, you would be surprised at the ease and efficiency of making your program lower cost while increasing quality and consistency. Some programs can see as high asa 50% cost savings.

2. Strategy: We create strategies to streamline our production to create programs that fit the needs of each individual client. Having worked with many government subsidized programs our offerings encompass dietician signed menus that meet FDA recommended daily requirements. For the past ten years we have produced a high-quality product in large scale, offering therapeutic diet meals and a wide variety of menu offerings.

3. Problem Solving: Every kitchen can improve in one way or another. The goals of upper management and ownership may be hard to determine when focusing on foodservice. This is typically one part of the industry that is unfamiliar to most professionals that operate in these businesses. Our goal at Gibbs Management Services is to create a transparent and a close targeted approach to what the Food Service Program would need to accomplish for the goals of the Organization as a whole.

4. Execution: Delivering times and consistency is an obvious concern for any operator. Gibbs Management Services has a proven method of delivering meal counts in the thousands daily to over fifteen zip codes on any given day within a tight time frame.