Gibbs Management Services

Gibbs Management Services provides consulting that is specialized in Health Care and Institutional Foodservice Operations. We can help you increase quality, improve your efficiencies, and save you an incredible amount of cost savings in your foodservice budget. For those facilities in southeastern NC, we do offer all inclusive contract catering. We can consult and train you on how to create a better foodservice program that better fits the requirements of the company and the needs of the cliental.

What We Do:
1) Kitchen Assessment & Design
- Design kitchen with proper equipment for production.
- Confirm electric requirements and plumbing requirements for all equipment.
- Negotiate best possible contractor for install.
- Complete all architectural and digital drawing to show final install and flow.
- Communicate and complete all necessary applications for Health Department approval.

2) Menu Design & Food Supplier Negotiations
- Design menus that coordinate with current or consolidated staff and current or possible equipment to provide the most amount of production for the best value across variable food and labor costs.
- Monthly or Quarterly menu design for specialty health care diets under any or all auditing. All menus will reflect a daily or per meal budget and will be signed by a licensed dietician.
- On-site implementation and training of staff. 
- Recipes that will be provided will outline estimation of labor costs.
- Negotiate with foodservice distributors and vendors to create the greatest amount of savings for current buying power and abilities.

3) Resource & Cost Audit
- Redesign production and flow.
- Consolidate food cost, utility cost, labor cost, and total money spent.
- Can save as high as 40% to 60% on total foodservice cost.

4) Quality Control
- Setup reoccurring audits to implement a design that will produce high quality product, highest quality standards of sanitary scores, and cost parameters. These audits will help manage future cost savings that are outlined in the initial consultation.